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Sweet Time

Dafni writes Americana music throwing in twists of country, jazz, and pop. Her latest album, Sweet Time, is a collection of 11 original songs that take a conscious look at her past, her relationships, and various facets of her personality. The album was produced by Dan Janisch, and engineered and mixed by Dennis Moody. It was recorded with Dafni's regular band featuring Mark San Filippo, Geoff Rakness, and Peter Kavanaugh. Additional guest performers include Tony Gilkyson, Dan Janisch, Mike Bolger, and Lisa Finnie. Sweet Time

Sweet Time

Here are a couple of songs from my new album ...
Anything at all
Sweet Time

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"Few, if any, singer/songwriters have pursued a doctorate in organic chemistry, and Dafni's music is equally individualistic. Jazz inflections combined with roots simplicity make for 11 quirky and unique tunes. Dafni's vocals also have a charming lack of artiface that complements her songs' home-grown flavor."
Steven Stone, Vintage Guitar Magazine

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Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

"Charlie's Lonely Sunday" now available on Pandora!

Songs from my 2007 album, Charlie's Lonely Sunday, are now available on Pandora. Sweet Time has just been accepted, so keep your eye out for those songs.  In the meantime, create your Dafni radio station today!  xoxo

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