Silhouette: Dafni's songs performed by her friends

Hi, it's Pete here, Dafni's husband. A couple of months after Dafni passed away in 2016, over 50 of her friends from the Los Angeles Americana scene got together at the Cinema Bar in Culver City to pay a musical tribute on what would have been her 44th birthday. About half of the acts performed a Dafni song. I decided to compile a tribute album in Dafni's honor to commemorate that wonderful show. The resulting album features 31 of Dafni's songs, five of which have not appeared yet on any previous releases. Proceeds from the sale of this record will go to a memorial fund set up in Dafni's name at UCLA. You can purchase the double CD, Silhouette: Dafni's Songs Performed By Her Friends, here. You can donate to the Dafni Amirsakis Memorial Fellowship Award here. I hope you enjoy the album; I think it's wonderful. With love, Pete.

Sweet Time
Click here for an essay about Dafni and the making of this album

Volume 1

Are you ready for fun? (The Modern Skiffle Quartet)
Under the blue skies (Rich McCulley)
This one dance (Edward Romero)
  Angeleno (Danny McGough)
  Never make me cry (Rick Shea)
  Let's pretend (Funkyjenn)
  Run away (Amilia K Spicer)
  Should have forgotten all about you (David Serby)
  Home to you (Sarah Stanley)
  Gloomy day (Doug Newman)
  Walking out the door (Christina Ortega)
  Fly away (Gwendolyn)
  Save me (Jaimi Shuey)
  Honey honey (Ted Wulfers)
  I don't mean to disappoint you (Mark Nemetz)
  Floating (Bliss Bowen)

Volume 2

Dance (The Blue Dolphins)
Many reasons why (Sam Park)
Popcorn (Peter Kavanaugh, Geoff Rakness, Mark San Filippo)
  Down and dirty (John Groover McDuffie)
  Lonely Sunday (Wil Forbis)
  Sweet time (Jeremiah)
  One day (Grant Langston)
  Complicated (Sarah Kramer)
  Send my love (The Good Intentions)
  Dimes (Ruthann Friedman)
  Oh, how I wish (Lisa Finnie)
  Carried away (Edie Murphy)
  So long (Debra Tala)
  Anything at all (Dan Janisch)
  Part of me (Tony Gilkyson)

All songs by Dafni [© 2004-2016 Daffer Doodle Music (BMI)], except "Home to you" and "Down and dirty" by Dafni and Sarah Stanley [© 2007 Daffer Doodle Music (BMI)/Allergic Reaction Music (ASCAP)]

Produced by Peter Glink and Alfonso Rodenas

Recorded primarily by Alfonso Rodenas at Las Virgenes Sound, Monte Nido, CA, and at Sonic Boom Room, Venice, CA. Additional recordings at various studios -- too many to mention here (check the album's liner notes if you're really interested!) -- around Los Angeles, CA (and Atlanta, GA)

Mixed by Alfonso Rodenas at Las Virgenes Sound, Monte Nido, CA

Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering, Burbank, CA

Cover drawing and guitar/glockenspiel photos by Alexandra Loftus. Beach photo by Laura Heffington

© 2017 Peter Glink / Daffer Doodle Music (BMI)

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