Sweet TimeCtrlaltcountry - August 2010

Dutch-to-English Google translation

(4 ****) = Very good indeed!

If you are blessed with a voice of the caliber of those Dafni Amirsakis, you know somewhere deep inside you yourself probably also that it is really just a matter of time before you by all and sundry on hand will be worn. With her velvety soprano voice effortlessly lifts them at the same height with active racers in the same pond as Madeleine Peyroux and Norah Jones. And comparisons with women as a classic jazz Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone and a certainly a Billie Holiday are certainly not. It is so wonderful to hear how Amirsakis with the agility of a professional pole dancer for his own sensual usually fall under the broad umbrella Americana song good winds. Now some more country tinged ("Someday"), then rather jazzy ("Save Me", "Sweet Time"), soulful ("Walking Out The Door") or even just pop ("Anything At All," "Floating" "Run Away"). Handsome, how many ancient traditions carelessly her own musical universe knows to smuggle. Help she received while including Dan Janisch. That really took the flawless production all contributed to his account and also a bit for on various guitars, bass, some percussion instruments and background vocalist. Furthermore, also present Dafni's regular accompanists Mark San Filippo (drums), Geoff "The Wolfman" Rakness (electric and acoustic bass) and Peter Kavanaugh (electric guitar) and guest Tony Gilkyson (electric guitar), Michael Bolger (accordion, piano, trumpet) and fellow singer-songwriter Lisa Finnie (backing vocals). They support Amirsakis in particular bring credibility of eleven original songs, which she carefully past, relationships and various aspects of her personality under the microscope takes. This is done on severely relaxed, professional manner too severely, that "Sweet Time" by in no time develops into a welcome companion during the late hours. And here, this album the next week or even away from the CD player will prove indispensable as you can already rely on.

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