Sweet TimeIman Lababedi - Rock NYC - Music Live & Recorded - July 2010

Dafni writes superb songs.


Listening to her fourth album Sweet Time I am, to be quite honest, somewhat stunned. Dafni calls it twisted takes on jazz, country, pop... like that. These are actually country music that doesn't sound like country music for the most part.

Before I get into the album, which I will probably hold writing about in any depth till closer to its October release date, I wanna talk about Dafni's absolute gift. Not arrangements, though she is good at that, and not heartbreak lyric, it comes with the territory, not instant access, some of these songs will take awhile. No, Dafni knows how to put a song together, whether it is the gorgeous guitar solo on "Floating" or the purest and loveliest of country folk, "Under The Blue Skies.

Dafni is a transplant from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to Los Angeles -and I bet if you had gone to Nashville, where they understand from songwriters, she would be a star by now. Sweet Time is Dafni's fourth album and while I haven't heard the other's I can't help but believe this is a leap forward. I mean, it must be. From the waltz "Part Of Me" to the Joni Mitchelly "Walk Out The Door", this is the most consistently pleasurable album.

It is so musically complete on every level except lyrically. Lyric are written to be sung, we get that, but there is something a little prosaic about her lyric content.

And I bet that goes to Dafni's scientific bent -she is a Doctor Of Chemistry and in her bio writes a connection that seems so obvious it is almost an adage: her scientific bent and her musical bent are intimately connected.

And as long as I'm complaining, for heaven's sake don't drop Radiohead's name: the most boring bunch of bastards you ever got caught at a bus stop with.

Screw it, I don't care. I am going to listen to "Under The Blue Skies" again.

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