Sweet TimeNorbert Neugebauer - RockTimes Magazine - December 2010

German-to-English Google translation:

I. Happy girl with happy songs, Part Something different. For a change, not a crybaby from the singer / songwriter from Amiland Laden.

The homepage of the artist's in the bio, more than just the usual PR-identification of the latest album. Daphne is a Greek name and points out the roots that lay großelterlicherseits on the island of Samos. The grandmother did with her wonderful voice, the people remain on the road and the gods are envious. Obviously she has inherited genes corresponding to the granddaughter. Who grew up in Wisconsin, where he arrived with the High School Jazz Band to first appearances. Professionally, however, she had other ideas. She has attended various courses in different universities across the country and eventually received his doctorate in chemistry in Los Angeles. In the California city, they came back again to the music and joined the local art scene. According to initial appearances in trendy bars, they quickly made a name and in 2001 it published a private live recording. Three regular studio albums followed between 2004 and 2007. The youngest, now present, it refers to as her "personal".

Well, then - even with the first notes, the listener is tuned correctly: Although there's the usual heart / pain issues in the private environment. But not full of doe-eyed creature from a world of pain, so the man lay down his melancholy. No, with a strong, well-sounding (but not always stable) voice and melodies breaks loose the muse on the mental screen that the Mediterranean-Californian Sunshine Vibes only to flow out. The eleven completely self-written songs are classic singer / songwriter Tum and trained on the sizes of the guild. Light and elegant, they come so close sometimes folky, sometimes more like the songs, traditional pop-loving West Coast in the system and the arrangements. Recorded in LA and released on their own label.

The first title to move into the mid-tempo, "floating" makes it as gently as meaning moving, atmospheric slow song to its name. - A very nice piece of music! "Under The Blue Skies" shows that as blood flows in Country Dafnis veins, as fits the following Slow Waltz "Part Of Me" great with it. Then it's something rhythmic, "Walking Out The Door" rocks in the sound of the early sixties. A bit further back in musical history swings "Save Me" followed with his stuffed trumpet, from the yearning chanson-like "Oh How I Wish". "Run Away" in which producer Dan Janish on guitar and subtle scent marks is "Fly Away" makes the variable artist finish their album full of emotion.

"Sweet Time" - the title fits. Relaxing songs, not necessarily as an intermediate for the standing to Happen 'ballads,' rock fan, but what wits with tolerance for light entertainment.

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