Sweet TimeRonny Bervoets - Rootstime - September 2010

Dafni succeeded in something that was very difficult: "Sweet Time" ended up as an even stronger release than the previous "Charlie's Lonely Sunday". So, once again it is proven:.. just a strong, pure voice, a bunch of well written songs and some skilled musicians to back you up...nothing more is needed to make a killer record like this one.

Dutch-to-English Google translation:

It's been three years since we have some of Dafni (Amir Sakis) heard a great singer from Los Angeles Greek origin. With her fourth album "Sweet Time" she will find it difficult to give the impression they made on us with her latest release "Charlie's Lonely Sunday" to beat. This CD, which like the previous however, not in my sphere of interest lies, took me back immediately. Her music made me, as I wrote then also, very similar to the music of Nora Jones and Madeleine Peyroux. The jazzy piano as main instrument, and her clear voice she draws all attention to her probing lyrics. All songs are self made and production was done by Dan Janisch.

"Floating" is such a song that certainly by comparison with the two women is not misplaced. A little less upbeat than its predecessor, but this more attractive, and one of those records that you will appreciate more with each listening. Jazz, country, some pop .... it's all nicely packaged in the magnificence of her voice, whose biggest asset is its brightness. A voice that allows them frame by beautiful, sober guidance of her band consisting of Mark San Filippo, Geoff Rakness, and Peter Kavanaugh, a fine guitarist, who know not a single note too much play, a gift that few possess. Tony Gilkyson is heard as a guest guitarist on three tracks.

The vintage jazzy atmosphere with old-fashioned trumpet in "Save Me" is beautiful, and when shortly afterwards "Oh How I Wish" bet you get a relaxed atmosphere with me once a song like Leonard Cohen's "Dance Me To The End Of Love" for the comes to mind. Only is it here the voice of nightingales Dafni that provides the lead vocals while a husky male voice provides the backing vocals. She did it as possible "Sweet Time" stronger than "Charlie's Lonely Sunday"

So it is back once again proven sobriety adorns ... with only one strong voice, a set of well written songs and some proper musicians have more than enough for a beauty of a plate. This is another one of them!

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