Sweet TimeFreddie - Rootsville - August 2010

Dutch-to-English Google translation:

Several years ago a blue moon, I stuck the CD 'Charlie Lonely Sunday "of Dafni in my player and all immediately at the first note, the' Blue Monday 'ousted by a sunny day. It confounded me then immediately rose to his lips because it is already her fourth album, and I had never heard of this American with Greek Roots. It was for me the revelation in 2007 and songs like "Down & Dirty" is still one of my favorites.

Are her lyrics, her music or is it her voice? ... Or maybe all together because I was an excellent singer-songwriter to know what I'm talking about it. Thanks to the Swedish supervisor Hemifran its newest branch this week on the bus and "Sweet Time" was all lie directly on top of the stack of review CDs too.

'Play produced by Don Janisch also perceives the backing vocals on this CD including 3 guitar on songs Dafni again brings 13 pearls of numbers. Dafni is the hallmark of pure music with lyrics where you are obliged to listen. The combination of a very pleasant voice surrounded by musicians who feel perfect her music are her shooting a feast for the ears.

Geoff Rakness (upright and electric bass), Mark San Filippo (drums) Peter Kavanaugh: electric guitar on "Anything at all", "Someday," "Walking Out The Door", and "Run Away", Tony Gilkyson: electric guitar on "Under the Blue Skies," Part of me ", and" Oh, how I wish ", Dan Janisch: backing vocals, electric guitar on" Floating "," Run away ", and" Fly Away "Michael Bolger: piano; accordion, trumpet Lisa Finnie: backing vocals are those who have assisted her and this class forwards a turn as you rarely hear.

Title track "Sweet Time" is so pure that you immediately goosebumps when getting all comes thanks to the piano playing of Michael Bolger the atmosphere of a Norah Jones or a bit floats to the top but nevertheless remains a magically beautiful song and testimony writing such music of a very talented gift.

Admit the songs I pulled forward to its previous album, the slightly more up-tempo songs but gradually I also listen to the other and this new requirement I undertake immediately to the lyrics of this exceptional album to listen as in "Oh How I Wish" a song that holds a small intro á la JJ Cale.

With "Someday" and "Walking Out the Door" Dafni brings back the atmosphere at the blue day pushed into the background and the sunny side of life recall. The jazzy ragtime "Save Me" is a confirmation that they are not pinned down at a rate ranging but can come out of the corner.

Whatever your favorite genre is the voice and music of Dafni is suitable for everyone and you will admit that when you listen to this album and another world opens sunny ... go class, and let us fly away ....

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