Sweet TimeGlenn Starkey - San Luis Obispo New Times - August 2010

I've been listening to Dafni's newest CD, Sweet Time, an 11-track collection that works its way through the finest traditions of the female singer-songwriter.

Driven by her light and lovely voice and a knack for writing breezy folk tunes, Sweet Time is a tribute to her family history. During World War II, Dafni's grandmother's voice saved her life. She would sing in the hills around her home in Samos, Greece, and when the Italians invaded, her husband, who was in the resistance, went into hiding. Dafni's grandmother was in danger as well, but an Italian soldier taken with her voice hid her from the authorities.

Listening to her song "Floating," I can well imagine how that Italian soldier felt listening to her grandmother. See Dafni on Saturday, Aug. 28, at 8 p.m. in Linnaea's Café. Don't expect all sweetness and light, however; Dafni's a fine country singer, and her track "Walking Out the Door" sounds like a groovy Nancy Sinatra tune. She also does some Tin Pan Alley stuff, cabaret, and more.

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