Sweet TimeCzékus Mihály - Szívtárs Magazine - September 2010

Hungarian-to-English Google translation:

The family tree is of Greek ancestry, of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin-born singer-guitarist, Dafni was peculiarly musical career. Although the singing is always present in his life was Dafne, but despite this, he is serious about her career in the civil. Therefore, a chemistry graduate of UCLA. I do not know how successful this area - but it's not even relevant to us now. We will now focus on the path of the artist.

The singer's debut album was released in 2004 titled Red. This is a year later was followed by a Drifting In Circles. Dafne soralbuma the third Charlie's Lonely Sunday (2007) was. A recent study of a new artist album, Sweet Time-ot.

The album spent 11 of their own compositions by the singer. A beautiful melodies can be heard from Dafna, inter alia, as the title track Sweet Time, Under The Blue Skies, Love Me, Run Away and Fly Away.

Overall, a pleasantly entertaining performances have received the Únekesn?t?l, which is the procession in a variety of musical styles on the palette. Proving how well coexist in the bluegrass, folk, pop and chanson.

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